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Florin Hill Apartments Polar Plunge Makes a Splash!

The Second Annual Florin Hill Polar Plunge took place on Thursday, April 19 – and it definitely made a splash! About 100 people came out for the event and 42 brave souls jumped into the pool. Those ‘jumpers’ raised more than $200 for Hospice of Lancaster County.

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All About the TerraPark at Florin Hill Apartments

Get ready. Get set. PLAY!

The first TerraPark in Lancaster County is located at Florin Hill Apartments in Mount Joy! Here are a few shots of neighbors and kids enjoying this lovely neighborhood amenity:

Time to Play!

Checking out the sandbox at TerraPark!


What is a natural playground?

This is not your status quo, “slide and monkey bar” kind of playground! Natural playgrounds are outdoor play spaces built in harmony with nature, designed to provide opportunities for children to climb trees, roll down hills, play in sand, scale rocks, and invent new games. At the TerraPark at Florin Hill Apartments, children can play in a space that challenges their cognitive creativity and that encourages outdoor play and imagination.

At Florin Hill Apartments, flat land in the front of the neighborhood was transformed into a rolling hill with a stone wall on one side that’s perfect for climbing. The best part? A 15’ slide built into the other side of the hill that enters a huge sand box – definitely a favorite for children of all ages!

Children and Adults Enjoyed the Slide!

Children AND adults enjoyed the newly built slide!

TerraPark at Florin Hill Apartments has received rave reviews from residents. The TerraPark offers plenty of flat, green space great for old-fashioned games or throwing and kicking a ball. TerraPark’s fire pit amphitheater provides a central location for neighborhood activities and is a great spot for roasting marshmallows!

Roasting Marshmallows at the Fire Pit

Toasting a marshmallow at the fire pit.

At the grand opening, children ran up the rock path towards the slide and had a blast in the sand box as parents with infants pushed strollers along the walking trail. Many enjoyed sitting by the fire pit, although on the unseasonably warm fall afternoon, the fire was a little too warm! Future plans of how the fire pit can be used were contemplated by our grown-up residents, while the children worked hard to find the right spot and ideal distance to get that perfectly toasted, gooey marshmallow.

Enjoying Marshmallows at Florin Hill

Searching for that perfectly toasted marshmallow...

Playing in the Sand

So much more fun than a day of playing video games!

The TerraPark™ at Florin Hill Apartments is another great addition to an already exceptional neighborhood, which recently was named Best Neighborhood in Pennsylvania by 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania.

Want more information on living closer to nature in Florin Hill Apartments? Visit the Florin Hill Apartments website.


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