Florin Hill Apartments Review: Josh

Hi my name is Josh. I was looking for a place to live in Lancaster County and while searching came across, The Apartments At Florin Hill. With a great location and awesome town surroundings this fit my needs. When I set up the appointment with Kathleen Shumate I had no idea that the apartment that I was going to see was as great as it was. I had about 6 appointments that day and this was first on my list. With 2 ponds right outside my door and the open landscape, pool, a 24/7 gym, laundry inside the unit, private entry garage and car port, nothing could beat my expectations after visiting. I went to one appointment after that and the rent was doubled when I could use all the amenities that Florin Hill offered included in my rent already. The community is great and apartments are well maintained. The office staff are easy to get along with if you just follow simple rules and guidelines set forth in your lease. I lived here for 2 years and have no complaints of the apartments the one thing that I know they are still working on are the roads but that would be my only complaint. I thank Florin Hill and Kathleen for an awesome 2 years and sorry to have to leave a great quite neighborhood.

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