Florin Hill Apartment Review: Heather

As I prepare for my move out inspection today I cannot help but reflect on my year at Florin Hill. The community was so inviting, well kept, and vibrant! I was very happy with my apartment and Florin Hill! I am moving out due to a job opportunity and am sad to be leaving Florin Hill. Many eventful things happened while I was living here – including a lightening strike to my building! That was one of the scariest days of my life – when a neighbor and coworker came over to my desk to tell me my building had been hit! Rapidly I called Florin Hill to confirm it was my building. They were so gracious and even offered to enter my apartment to check on my cat that I was incredibly worried about! Luckily the apartment that was hit was not mine and in fact vacant. We later learned that the firewalls built into every apartment were what kept my apartment – and every apartment in that building – safe from the flames sparked by lightening. The swift action and  kindness displayed in this terrible situation is a testament to the dedication of Kathleen, Kevin, and all of the Florin Hill staff. Speaking of Kevin, he is by far the best maintenance staff I have ever had in an apartment complex – not only fixing your issue (even well after hours) but also explaining the issue to you, which I always appreciated! Kathleen also was a great property manager – her door was always open and we always wound up talking when I would just stop in after using the free 24 hour gym. As I said, I am sad to be leaving such a great community but wanted to take a minute and write some thoughts down to share with others about all the positives of Florin Hill! On a final note, the move out check list, albeit lengthy, is a great guide to making sure your apartment is ready for the next resident. I enjoyed using it, because I knew exactly what would be expected of me and that was really helpful – no tricks, just take the time to clean the apartment well. I have not received my final inspection yet but am confident that I followed the move out guide and will have a pleasant final experience to coincide with my pleasant stay at Florin Hill. I wish the staff and community all the best in the future!

-Heather M.

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