Florin Hill Apartments Review: Stacia and Rob

From start to finish our experience at Florin Hill Apartments was excellent.  We spent some time looking at several different apartment communities in the area, but we were very impressed with Florin Hill neighborhood right away.  As we drove through Florin Hill we immediately noticed the clean streets, sidewalks, park and pool. The area really looks and feels like a neighborhood and not just an apartment complex. There is a nice mix of homes, town homes and businesses that are unique and add to the community.  When we arrived at the office we were greeted with a very friendly welcome, they did a great job showing us around and discussing all the available options. The staff really worked hard  to help us make the right choice and worked with our budget & time frame to get the apartment that fit us best. Our apartment was beautiful, clean and ready to go when we moved in. The maintenance team is top notch at Florin Hill, they go over everything with you when you move in and they’re there whenever you need them,  fast professional response. We enjoyed our unit, it had two bedrooms, two baths, a balcony overlooking a garden, a garage,  private entrance , warm heat & cold ac too.  It had plenty of room for our family. You get a lot for your money, we especially liked the pool, gym, park and we rented the club house for our daughter’s birthday party.  One of the best features about the Florin Hill package is their rent-to-own renter’s incentive that allows you to live in the neighborhood and then transition into a new home when you’re ready. Overall, it’s the people, the community, the Florin Hill team, and the value that set Florin Hill Apartments above the rest.  Florin Hill is our home.
Rob, Stacia, Haley

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