Florin Hill Apartments Reviews: Troy S.

Today, we’re sharing another review from a resident of Florin Hill Apartments: Troy S. Here’s how Troy describes his experience as a resident of the apartments:

Hello Kathleen,

I just wanted to let you know how I felt about my experience at Florin Hill, I lived here for the past year and a half I believe 19 months, I have to tell you that the entire experience has been very enjoyable, the grounds around the apartment were always kept in pristine condition, it was a very safe place to walk around at night, the new club house, fitness center, and especially the pool were awesome amenities , my son and I enjoyed them very much, and will miss them very much as well, the staff at Florin Hill has been exceptional, whenever there has been any issues they addressed them and handled them immediately, I have done a lot of research before I decided to move to Florin Hill, and my conclusion was that Florin Hill Apartments offer the best in quality, amenities , and overall value that I was looking for in apartment living , so with that said, I decided to take advantage of the program that Florin Hill Apartments were offering at the time I signed my lease, where they would give me (rent to own) credit to purchase a new Charter Home, so as of April 20th I have settled in my new home, and it does feel great to be a homeowner again, but I have to say moving out of Florin Hill went Extremely well, I followed all of their moving out policies and procedures and everything went well, So in closing I have to say it was bitter sweet , I was sad to go but I knew the time was right, I had a great time here at Florin Hill Apartments, and who know’ s maybe I will be back again sometime…

Troy S.

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