Apartments at Florin Hill Reviews: The Bechtolds

Wondering what people thinking about living at Florin Hill Apartments? Check out this recent review from a satisfied homeowner:

Like countless other families in the area, the flood of September 7, 2011 had a terrible impact on myself and my family’s life. Eight feet of flood water inundated our house causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages, leaving us helpless and more importantly, homeless. We were in desperate need of a short term lease to repair our home of 19 years. Many calls to landlords and apartment complex managers were all met with the same disappointing answer. “I’m sorry sir, but we can’t offer you any help other than a full 1 year lease.” I still had to meet my mortgage obligation and could never afford a 1 year lease. We felt lost and abandoned until finally we placed a call to The Apartments at Florin Hill. The two Kathleens agreed to meet us.
After explaining our desperation, they immediately offered my family a three month lease at The Apartments at Florin Hill. Words can’t express the relief and gratitude we felt from this unselfish gesture. Not only did “The Kathleens” of Florin Hill extend genuine compassion with the lease agreement, they offered an apartment that was beautiful. Exactly the type of place one needs to call home in this or any other situation. Speaking from experience, The Apartments at Florin Hill is genuinely a caring, well maintained and professionally run community that truly has the best interests of the tenants. This community will thrive because they treat people like they should be treated; people, not income. A special thanks to Kathleen Shumate, Kathy Cardwell and Kevin from maintenance for making our stay at Florin Hill one we will always remember. Perhaps the next time we need an apartment, the circumstances will be better on our parts. Until then, thank you very much.
Jim, Kelly, Liz and Luke Bechtold

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